Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ongoing Group Psychotherapy

Ongoing Group Psychotherapy

Individuals and Couples in Relationship to Their Objects


Presented by

 Joan Jutta Lachkar, Ph.D.


Saturday, January 18thp, 2014, 10:30 AM-Noon 

(light buffet breakfast)                                                                              

This is an ongoing psychotherapy group designed for analytically minded individuals. It models the classical psychoanalytic/psychodynamic model in that the goals and objectives are to provide a unique opportunity for gaining interpersonal awareness and resolution to work through internal and external conflicts, and to share feelings and concerns in a safe, nurturing and containing environment. Drawing from many valuable concepts abstracted from the psychoanalytic literature, the therapist shapes group interpretations and interventions to suit and match the uniqueness of each individual. The group focuses more for the participants the opportunity for reparation and forgiveness as the replacement for self-persecution, destructive envy and rage.



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Fee $45.00 per person (sliding scale available)

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For further information contact

Joan Jutta Lachkar, Ph.D.

818 290 3390

310 413 9593